The New Taxes Coming To Finance The Stimulus

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Offered through The Prepare Institute

The Prepare Institute is a national nonprofit educational institution that provides college-style retirement education courses and classes for adults between the ages of 50-80. These courses and classes provide unbiased information on all areas of retirement and estate planning and are for general, noncommercial education only. 

An Educational Course for Adults - Ages 50-80

May 14, 2020, at 6:30 p.m.


  • Learn the tax law changes from the Cares Act

  • Learn the tax law changes from the Secure Act

  • Learn how the tax code works and how different types of assets and incomes are taxed in retirement

  • Learn how to minimize the taxation of your Social Security benefits

  • Learn how to properly diversify your tax risk among three taxation structures

  • Learn how to adapt properly to the new retirement rules and tax laws

  • Learn how to save the most tax-efficient way for retirement

  • Learn how future tax increase can affect your retirement plan

  • Learn the currently available tools and strategies to reduce or eliminate taxes in retirement

  • Learn how to use estate planning techniques to lessen or eliminate the tax burden to your heirs

All attendees of the course receive a complimentary 2020 updated tax reference guide.

The economic fallout of the current pandemic will likely be felt by retirees for years and possibly decades to come.  Will your current retirement plan be able to survive what is coming?


One thing is for certain – your retirement plan must be as tax efficient as possible. The Prepare Institute’s Taxation in Retirement online course provides true retirement planning literacy and provides education and knowledge on how the tax code works in retirement and how to become tax efficient. Simply put, informed people pay less tax. 

MAY 14, 2020   |   6:30 - 8:00 P.M.

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